Welcome to the foshan nanhai jiujiang Jin Lingfeng plastic electrical appliance factory
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  • Twenty years of experience in injection molding processing
    Leading technology and the team

    Own workshop 60000 square meters, equipped with independent hardware, mold, injection molding, electrical assembly shop and big injection molding equipment, hardware appliances assembly equipment;


    Experienced r&d team, to make the mould making more reasonable and more efficient, greatly shorten the late production cost;


    Production through-train service, from you to find more supplie

  • Industry leading manufacturing scale
    Production capacity is strong

    38 injection molding machine, the biggest molar thickness is 1650 mm, maximum melt 13541 g;


    300 people staff, hardware department, mold department, injection department, assembly department and other fine configuration;





  • Strict quality control
    The world's five top cooperation experience


    By philips, beauty and other international inspection audit;


    Products from design to the procurement of raw materials, production processes, product testing and so on are implemented according to the international standards;


    Quality management system certification.



Foshan nanhai jiujiang Jin Lingfeng plastic electrical appliance factory, located in the town of jiujiang dragon, since it was founded in 1994, after years of continuous efforts, now has own factory building covers an area of more than 60000 square meters, and the introduction of more than 40 sets of...


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Address: guangdong province foshan city nanhai district jiujiang town huangji industrial zone
Contact person: Mr. Guan
Telephone: + 86-0757-86510039
Mobile: + 8613380250039
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